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Les Grands Ballets Cantata

Les Grands Ballets: Cantata

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Choreographer: Mauro Bigonzetti
Choreographer: Étienne Delorme
Choreographer: Bridget Breiner
Choreographers: Jérémy Galdeano and Věra Kvarčáková

Les Grands Ballets

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens prepares for their program, CANTATA, at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Place des Arts highlighted by Mauro Bigonzetti’s work of the same name.

The quadruple bill of contemporary dance opens with Bigonzetti’s piece inspired by Southern Italian culture. In Honor Of is Bridget Breiner’s homage to the importance of ancestry as dancers transition from traditional baroque to modern minimalism. Corps de ballet artist Étienne Delorme creates a premiere where performers are clad in Formula 1-style outfits as a reflection of a “race through existence” and the ambition and identity search that accompanies it. And closing the evening is NEBE by Jérémy Galdeano and Věra Kvarčáková whose storyline is follows the journey of the definition of the Czech word – heaven and sky.

“Together, these works open a dialogue between the past and present, between the urgency to live and contemplation, offering the audience an immersive experience at the centre of humanity.”

– Ivan Cavallari, Artistic Director of Les Grands Ballets

Featured Photo for Les Grand Ballets’ CANTATA program of Vanesa G.R. Montoya. Photo by Sasha Onyshchenko.



Mar 14 - 16, 2024


Théâtre Maisonneuve
260 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC H2X 1Y9, Canada


Les Grands Ballets
Les Grands Ballets