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Northern Ballet Sketches 2024

Northern Ballet: Sketches

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Choreographer: Northern Ballet Dancers TBA
Choreographer: Carlos Pons Guerra

Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet has announced that six dancers from the company will join Carlos Pons Guerra as choreographers for the second year of Sketches, a program devised by Artistic Director Federico Bonelli as a platform for emerging dance creators.

“The second year of Sketches will see the choreographers explore what ‘pas de deux’ can mean, how can this staple of the ballet repertoire be pushed. What they do from that brief is up to them, as they innovate and create on their dancer colleagues.

I really admire Carlos Pons Guerra and his company DeNada Dance so I’m thrilled to be able to provide him with the time, resources and space to experiment with his current ideas. It’s different for us to present work in such a stripped back setting, but I think that is was makes Sketches so exciting.

By providing a platform for experimentation and creative exploration, we aim to push the boundaries of our art form while fostering meaningful connections between choreographers and audiences.”

– Federico Bonelli, Artistic Director

Featured Photo for Northern Ballet’s Sketches program of Premier Dancer Joseph Taylor. Photo by Kyle Baines.



May 09 - 10, 2024


Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre
2 St Cecilia St, Leeds LS2 7PA, United Kingdom


Northern Ballet
Northern Ballet