The Traveling Ballerina

is now

is now

Dear Readers,

The time has come for the project that started it all to make its next leap forward.

The Traveling Ballerina was a seed planted just over two years ago as a result of me not having access to a consolidated site to find ballet performances near me; it is now being cultivated into a more encompassing online newspaper.

All of the features that you enjoyed on The Traveling Ballerina still exist:

a filterable Ballet Performance calendar;
reviews of both live and digital performances;
stories about key events happening in the ballet space;
a growing resource of collections of worldwide ballet companies, famous ballets, choreographers, and theatres.

At the moment, the primary change you will notice is a more sophisticated design aimed at enhancing the user experience. 

Aesthetically, we have shifted towards a look evoking a classic newspaper – grayscale tones accented with crimson and navy.

 Improved usability features include:
– a “live” search bar that shows results as you type;
– a toggle switch to dark mode to make reading easier in dim light conditions and to prolong battery life;
– a simple navigation bar with a mega menu for the magazine to quickly browse your interests;

Integration with other products by BalletNomad, the parent company of The Ballet Herald:
Schools & Training makes preparation for the busy season by providing a one-stop site to find program information, audition details, planning resources, and helpful articles.
International Ballet Club is a Facebook group where we encourage members to geek out on all things ballet.

With these concepts in place, we are now better equipped to add even more valuable news and reference content and to expand our coverage.

First on our list is to increase community engagement by inviting more contributors to write Editorials related to their experiences in the ballet industry (if you’re interested, please contact us). And we have other ideas up our sleeves!

For those who have been along for the ride from the beginning, joined along the way, or are now here for the first time: thank you for your faith, support, and trust as we continue to grow.


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