Advertising Opportunites

The Ballet Herald offers different advertising methods to connect your business with our readers. We invite you to browse the options and then fill out the form below so that we can construct a proposal tailored to your company’s unique objectives.

We look forward to working with you to provide useful, quality, and engaging information to our ballet-loving audience.


Share your knowledge.

We define a sponsored article as one that is informative, most likely resolving a question, doubt, or necessity that a ballet aficionado may have. The article will contain the following:

  • An agreed upon topic;
  • Between 600 and 1200 words, using quality of content as the most important metric in determining the length;
  • Best SEO practices that include incorporating an agreed upon keyword that is not already used on the site and an external link containing the keyword that will appear two times in the article, in a manner that is natural and reader friendly;
  • Permanent presence in the site’s catalog;
  • Social media distribution.

There are two ways to go about creating the article:

  1. You write the article of at least 600 words which will then be reviewed and revised by the Editor as necessary. Final draft will be sent for your approval.
  2. We write the article and send you a final draft for approval.


Have a graphic presence.

There are several placement options possible. Please fill out the contact form below so that we can begin the conversation on how best to proceed for your organization.


Be seen.

Connect with students and their families as they prepare for next summer and search for the training programs that best suit them. Verify your school to stand out amongst the crowd by following the instructions on this page.